Intervallivo Lys-Valsesia-Lys

Our most recent proposal, a journey that begins and ends in the Lys Valley and that goes into Valsesia, among wild valleys and dozens of wonderful small Walser villages where extremely characteristic stops will make you breathe an air of the past with the comforts of today.
Itinerary: Gruba-Peccia-Sant'Antonio-Otro-Alagna-Z'Indra (Monte Rosa)-Gressoney la Trinitè.

It starts in the beautiful atmosphere of the Gruba to plunge, in the first stage, in Piedmont to discover the remote Val Vogna and its incredible Walser villages.
Second stage all in Val Vogna while the third dedicated to the discovery of the valley of Otro where, to be the master, will still be the architecture Walser.
Fourth stage spent on the paths under the Monterosa and double overnight in Alagna, in the small treasure chest of Pedemonte, to continue in the fifth stage, through the Zube pass, towards the valley of Gressoney and sleep in one of the most welcoming refuges of the Alps.
The last stage offers more than one itinerary, depending on the remaining forces. Finally, a last night of pampering in Gressoney La Trinité in an original Walser house of 1600.

  • Duration: 7 nights
  • Length: 57.4 km
  • Positive difference in altitude: 3,860 m.
  • Negative altitude difference: 4,300 m.
  • Difficulty: challenging
  • Daily average: 9.5 km D+643 / D-716
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