Sentieri del Lys

There are certainly easier and faster methods to get to touch the glaciers of Monte Rosa with your fingers. In our opinion, the best way is to walk slowly along paths on a journey full of discoveries. Enter the territory, live it during the day and savor it in the evening in our Posti Tappa. In the "Sentieri del Lys" the final destination of the trip, the Monte Rosa with its glaciers, is only the "excuse" to live an experience without which the vision of the goal would be only partial. We simply combined the points, our Posti Tappa, with a line drawn on the ancient paths, the work of men for whom fatigue was a habit and who never would have thought that one day people like us and you would have used them for the pleasure of knowing their mountains.    
We have added a series of small great comforts:                   
- the transport of luggage, where possible, to make you travel more comfotable;                                                               
- an agreed transfer service;                                              
- a briefing service on the day of arrival and a turoring service during your stay, in order to face the journey in safety and taking all its nuances;                                                 
- a booking service that can customize your trekking;    
- a cartographic support;                                    
- free App  for IOS and Android  with basic local cartography, survey of the track with POIs, track recording and assisted navigation , useful positioning data;
- a signtrail that will guide you day after day.                      

The variety of landscapes and our Posti Tappa will certainly not bore you, as will the dishes to choose from in the evening and the wines with which to accompany them.