Tour Lys-Ayas-Lys

The tour was born from the idea of using the panoramic hills of Lazouney, which connects the village of Niel to Gressoney, and the Ranzola and Rothorn hills, ancient passes between Gressoney and Val d'Ayas.
Itinerary: Niel-GressoneyStJean-Estoul-Mascognaz-Cuneaz-Anderbatt-Z'Indra (Monte Rosa)-Gressoney La Trinitè.

First stop along the AltaVia1 with ascent to Colle Lazouney and descent into the charming valley of Loo.
In the second stage you will head towards Val d'Ayas to discover the places narrated and filmed in the ‘8 mountains’ by Paolo Cognetti. Third day among the lakes of Palasinaz, alpine waters placed in a natural environment of rare beauty, and the subsequent descent to Mascognaz with overnight stay in one of the most exclusive and characteristic resorts of the Aosta Valley. The fourth stage, passing by Lake Perrin, ends in the ancient village of Cuneaz, with its old houses where the ancient art of making wooden clogs is still practiced.
In the fifth stage you reach the Rothorn hill through a picturesque valley that leads back into the valley of Gressoney with the small lakes of Sallero and the church of Sant'Anna from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Monterosa before reaching Anderbatt.
The sixth day, from Anderbatt, you go up to the Oreste Huette, a beautiful eco-sustainable refuge where you can overnight, and the next day you can choose, for the last stage, if you go down to the valley from Lake Gabiet and the valley of Netscho directly, and more briefly, or precede the panoramic ascent to the Altaluce.

  • Duration: 8 nights
  • Length: 72 km
  • Positive difference in altitude: 5,176 m.
  • Negative altitude difference: 4,948 m.
  • Difficulty: challenging
  • Daily average: 10.3 km D+739mt / D-706mt
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