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Franziska & Mattia

Franziska & Matthias

Ciao Stefano, our hiking-week in Val de Lys is over. We’ve had a wonderful time with wonderful people, experienced landscape, delicious food and wine and greatful and sometimes strong hiking tours - as we were looking for. Thank you for the idea, for the organization and for bringing us near your home valley.Hopefully see you again sonetimes - stay healthy and all the best.
Franziska & Matthias.

Franziska & Mattia

Ulrich & Petra

Hey Stefano, the Lunch in thus small village was so nice. Very friedly people and very good meal. Grandiosi!
Best regards.
Ulrich and Petra

Franziska & Mattia

Steen, Nele & Sabine

Dear Stefano. Thank you for a gorgeous trip. We truly enjoyed it. Wonderful hospitality in the rifugii, great food, great views, beautiful hikes, .... Sad we have to leave this beautiful valley so fast again. Would you please let us know or send a link to the sentiero in the neighbouring valley you talked about? Have a wonderful day and a good end of season.
Best regards from Steen, Nele ans Sabine.

Franziska & Mattia

Jolanda & Frank

Hi Stephano, thank you very much for arranging everything so well. We had a wonderful holiday.
Jolanda and Frank.

Franziska & Mattia

Ute, Annika & Kjell

Dear Stefano, we have by now reached our second holiday destination at the Lago Di Ledro. We would like to let you know how much we enjoyed hiking the SentieriDelLys, the charming accommodation and the wonderful food. Thank you also for your guidance and assistance. Please let Alberto know how much I appreciated that he helped me out with the hiking poles.
Kind regards to all the hosts involved and all the best for you and your knee.

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